Britain spied on argentina over falklands snowden documents say no one has a right to privacy

Britain spied on argentina over falklands snowden doc더킹카지노uments say no one has a right to privacy

The UK spied on Argentinian troops in Falkland while Britain’s Foreign Office helped Argentinian paramilitaries take control of British territory, according to a declassified summary of secret talks.

A document dated 30 November 1980 states that Edward Snowden was working with the Chilean military intelligence service (Santiago). Argentine officials were furious at Britain’s spying operations after they were revealed by Edward Snowden and other whistle-blowers.

After an initial assessment, Argentinian military intelligence tried to put the UK to rights and demand Snowden’s extradition back to the UK. The document said in part: “The Argentinians said: ‘We will take our independence and that of our troops at all costs. We will also have the right of collective defence’.”[5]

The Argentinian government threatened action if Snowden is deported back to the US. Snowden has denied making the documents and the documents’ authenticity remains under question.

The summary, dated March 1982, was given to the US Senate intelligence committee in response to a request for a copy. The UK embassy did not respond to a request for comment.

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The document says Argentinian and British intelligence have worked in close cooperatio더킹카지노n on many occasions. “The Argentinians and other intelligence services work together, and share information and information products from each other. They often share confidential data and training materials”, it says.

The summary goes on to say Britain and Argentine information services were “well established in clandestine surveillance of each other’s activities, particularly regarding high-ranking and high-risk cases”.

The document notes the Argentinians were “not prepared to engage in serious negotiations. They would prefer the British to deal with the diplomatic issue.”[6] The summary says, “the Argentinians and the Argentinians continued to fight each other on the issue of extradition”.

After several years of negotiation, the Argentinians were allowed to come to an agreement in 1986 whereby Snowden was granted asylum in the UK. The summary states: “The British agreed to accept Snowden for political asylum in the UK for five years. No specific timetable was agreed on, and the British said it was the ‘preferred outcome’. The Argentinians agreed in principle to agree a formal plan within three to five months and return to talks. The British said they were ready to come up with an agreement.

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