Outgoing smith brumbies best again

Outgoing smith brumbies best again.

This is a short excerpt from his column in Saturday’s Herald, written after the win.

Drew Cronje’s side were the better side in the first Test against South Africa last year, scoring six points before they were bowled out on the second day. The South Africa players on that pitch were also pleased with their effort against this England outfit. The South Africa players on that pitch were not. They were disappointed in how they performed.

England did their players a disservice in the way they batted. There were plenty of things which had happened that day, but Cronje should never have been told that England batsmen were supposed to bat from inside cover. It was a mistake from the start.

While it has got to be pointed out that the batting order on the field changed when England had their replacement Shane Warne, the Australian bowlers are not the ones to blame for the lack of accuracy from England’s batsmen in this Test. Th더킹카지노is does not say much for Australia’s chances in this sejarvees.comries or England’s chances of success. They simply are too good and too hungry. The batting line-up was so loaded with talented batsmen against South Africa that in the last couple of Tests, England was completely outclassed.

Cronje says: “But Australia’s batting performance wasn’t to blame. They scored more and did not bowl from inside cover effectively either. All they could manage was a few wickets but they didn’t need to hit the ball out of the field very often.

“A lot of this has been down to the batting and bowling line-ups being stacked in the Australian team in terms of all of the injuries. It will be interesting to see the batting line-ups in Australia next week.

“South Africa started with David Warner, David jarvees.comWarner in particular. This team has so much more talent than either England or Zimbabwe at No 1 or 2 and we have to continue to try to get them out.

“But if any team wants to be the big winner in this series, it is South Africa, they have a huge advantage. It is just about what has happened out there now. It has not been great.

“It is true they have dropped two or three spots and will be down a spot here because of that but there is one position in the side that can beat anyone if they have got a good attack, great form and good pace.

“We have got to keep trying to improve the team